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To order products from this list send an e-mail to robertpask@compuserve.com by clicking on order link located at the bottom of each image page. Details of how to pay and details of the product stating its cost and availability will be provided by return e-mail. 

Payment to cover costs is required before product will be manufactured.






1 Highest Resolution Image of Picture (896 * 592  or 1760 * 1168) No charge Send e-mail and a file will be sent via e-mail containing the high resolution image within one working day. - See Sample Image  (Warning: contains large image ~280kb)
2 1024 * 768 pixel image of Chart  No charge Send e-mail and a file will be sent via e-mail containing the 1024 x 768 pixel version of chart  within one working day. - See Sample Chart  (Warning: contains large image ~280kb)
3 Mouse Mat $20 (Can) A high quality mouse mat approximately 10 inches by 7.5 inches with the image covering the pad. Product is ready within 3 working days.
4 Framed Print $15 (Can) A photo paper colour print of graphic supplied in a protective frame. Print is ready within 2 working days.
5 A coffee Mug with picture. $20 (Can) Image is printed on the side of a coffee mug. Product is ready within 5 working days.
6 CD Rom with complete collection of Highest Resolution Images available $5 (Can) CD Rom containing high resolution digital photographs from flight.   Normally available within 2 working days.

Product Samples:

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