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1999 C-FLPB Florida Trip - Day 2

Day 2 Track (Click on image to view larger version)

Leg 1 - After arriving late at Albany airport the night before C-FLPB was taxied out at 9:35am for the flight south towards Florida. The first part of the journey was being flown down the Hudson River past the skyline of New York after approx 1:10hrs around the Statue of Liberty, and onwards south. LPB was touched down in Richmond VA at 13:20 after a 3:35 minutes Flight.  The Weather was ideal for the flight down the Hudson with low cloud over the river in lets around Mary Land.

Leg 2 - The second leg from Richmond to Charleston was flown under IFR. LPB was lifted off at 16:30 hrs for a planned flight to Charleston SC in fairly strong headwinds. The outside air temperature was rising the further south the aircraft was flown making the flight quite turbulent due to the thermal updrafts. The on reaching Myrtle Beach the IFR flight plan was cancelled and the aircraft landed at Grand Strand SC at 18:46 after being airbourne for 2:14 hours.

Day 2 Flight Track

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