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Chart created from Recent Flight Test

Chart created from IFR Renewal Flight Test

The above chart was created using Flyte Track Software. The chart shows two maps, one showing the complete 58 minute flight from Les Cedres airfield, just west of Montreal Island.  the second shows the procedures conducted into Montreal's Mirabel Airport Runway 06. The red track is the entry into the hold at YUL on Radial 270 followed by a full ILS procedure on Runway 06. The blue track shows the full NDB procedure conducted onto the same runway. The right engine was pulled during the  NDB procedure turn and was returned on the climb out for the flight back to Cedres. The weather that morning was perfect for a Flight test with Temperatures of 10 deg C, light winds and visibility in excess of 15 miles. During the test the front windscreen was covered until the Decision Height on the ILS procedure and at the threshold while holding Minimum Descent Altitude on the NDB approach.

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