Flight with Darryl in C-GFBJ
Saturday, August 28th, 2000

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C-GFBJ is a Cessna 152 owned and operated by Laurentide Aviation at Les Cedres aerodrome, Quebec. The weather was fine with a surface wind of approximately 260/10kts, temperature 26oC making the air slightly turbulent and hazy.
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Darryl keeps the Cessna Flying over the Ottawa River

Darryl at the controls over the Ottawa River

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The Cessna's Instrument Panel showing flight at 1050ft, 90Kts, Heading 140 Magnetic

Back on the ground at Les Cedres with Cessna C-GFBJ

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Cessna 152 C-GFBJ

Cessna 152 Instrument Panel
back on the ground.
The Cessna is fitted with a comms, GPS and Transponder

Darryl leaving on his Honda .....

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